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You have been serving humanity from the beginning and now it is our time to help you keep on doing the same.
a logicgrape initiative

Small Business Relief Program

At LOGICGRAPE,we are supporting small business by providing them free website development and digital marketing services so that they can focus on their business even way better than before. We have few success story from restaurant and bakery shops, they told us that now they are able to take orders and payment online which was not possible for them earlier.
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These brands aren’t trophies, they’re friends we’ve met on our journey
a logicgrape initiative

Employee Support Program

At LOGICGRAPE,we are committed to support our employees and these benefits are addition to our existing employee assistance program which covers their personal or work related problems that may impact their job.

In employee support program, we are helping our employee financially and by providing them extra time off if they require.

We are proud to say that we are not laying off any of our employee.

Small Business Relief Program

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